Gpa Prince - June 08

Gpa Prince - June 08, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Grandpa was bigger than life itself and always seemed to have it by the tail. I remember spending time at the house in Katy. How his face would light up when we'd come through the front door and how much he enjoyed producing from his pockets a stash of tic tacs. I loved listening to him talk -- the subject didn't really matter. He was an expert on everything, of course. Perhaps he was occasionally wrong, but he was never in doubt. I was even endeared to his signature throat clearing that announced he was going to say something important so you'd better buckle up. Everything he did was done in a big way: Castone, greenhouse, rabbits, church service. He was a proud man, but in a way that inspired and motivated those that looked up to him to believe we could do anything we put our minds to because we were a Prince. I felt like I was important and special largely because of his influence. He touched many people other than those who knew him best. During my years as a high counselor in the stake, there wasn't a ward I visited where someone didn't come up to me and ask if I was related to Grandpa. It always made me proud to tell them that I was his grandson.



Allison, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Enjoying the Swamp Tour!

Boys Rule!

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Greenwood's here for the weekend. Total blast -- especially for the boys!


Are Camels Cool?

Are Camels Cool?, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Not sure, but they are definitely a strange looking creature to me. This was taken on Friday at Global Wildlife Center. This place is about 20 min. from our house and much more up close and personal than the zoo.