Strawberry Shortcake!

Picks-7095, originally uploaded by princedd.

Anne made strawberry shortcake for my birthday this year!



Missy, originally uploaded by princedd.


Water Lilly

Water Lilly, originally uploaded by princedd.

The water lillies are blooming in the pond in our subdivision. There is so much color here in the springtime. It's making up for an unremarkable fall.


Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co.

Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co., originally uploaded by princedd.

Old steam engine on display in Pontchatoula, Louisiana,
a little town about 25 min. from us. This weekend was their annual Strawberry Festival.


Play Ball!

Play Ball!, originally uploaded by princedd.

Bethany is so excited that baseball is back. She's been watching the Red Sox v. Yankees game tonight and practicing her violin at the same time.


Happy Easter!

Enjoyed listening to General Conference this weekend. Was able to get a picture of the kids between sessions. Gotta love Thomas' expression.


Owl Eye or Butterfly?

Owl Eye or Butterfly?, originally uploaded by princedd.

Hi Sophie. I'm glad you're learning about butterflies. This is another butterfly picture that I took. If you look at the big spot on the wing it sort of looks like the eye of an owl. This is a pretty creative way to keep predators away don't you think?


Butterfly on Frosted Window

Butterfly on Frosted Window, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

This is a live butterfly that landed on a frosted/opaque window in the butterfly exhibit at the Insectarium. I used my flash so I was able to get light from both sides, illuminating the wings.


Miss Mattie

Mattie, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Colored Easter eggs this evening. Mattie especially had a good time.