Edgar, originally uploaded by princedd.

Edgar, a Hyacinth Macaw was at Global Wildlife Center. We went with Anne's family yesterday. Click on the picture to see more pictures at flickr.


Mattie's Birthday

Mattie's Birthday, originally uploaded by princedd.

Had a little family birthday party for Mattie this evening. It's great to be 8!


Leon & Leah

Leon & Leah, originally uploaded by princedd.

Check out some of my favorite pictures from Thanksgiving. Go to my flickr page to see 10 that I liked.


Jambalaya Cook-off

Jambalaya Cook-off, originally uploaded by princedd.

On Friday I participated in a jambalaya cook-off at work. We started at 5:00 a.m. Our team didn't win but it was a lot of fun.


Daddy's Girls

Daddy's Girls, originally uploaded by princedd.

Went shooting some family holiday pics today. Liked this one of the 3 girls.


Fall Mums

Fall Mums, originally uploaded by princedd.

I'm not a big Halloween fan but Mom inspired me to think about the fall colors. Couldn't find much in the way of leaves but Anne bought some Mums this week that fit the bill.


Dad & 3 Boys

Dad & 3 Boys, originally uploaded by princedd.

A quick picture before Priesthood session of general conference.


Amelia Bedelia

Amelia Bedelia, originally uploaded by princedd.

Today was storybook character day at school. Mattie chose to be Amelia Bedelia. Anne made the costume -- apparently this is how she spent her evenings when I was in Houston this week!


Sea Wolf

Picks-0410, originally uploaded by princedd.

Went canoeing Friday on the Tchefuncte River. This boat looked abandoned at first but then we realized that it was being used as a fishing camp.



Eliza, originally uploaded by princedd.

Had a fun weekend visiting with Tim, Carolee, & Eliza. Of course, I had to turn my camera on Eliza. She seemed to enjoy having her picture taken and even struck a pose for me.


Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer, originally uploaded by princedd.

I admit -- occasionally I'm a wee bit envious of our pooch.


My Kids

My Kids, originally uploaded by princedd.

School blessing Sunday.


Birthday Boy!

Picks-9018, originally uploaded by princedd.

Post is a little late -- spent Friday evening at Boy Scout Camp with some of the scouts in our ward.


Miss Kate

Miss Kate, originally uploaded by princedd.

I usually try to shoot at eye level but this one has a different perspective but I think it works. This is my cute niece, Kate, enjoying an ice cream cone after hiking Mt. Timpanogos cave.


Antelope Island Sunset

Antelope Island Sunset, originally uploaded by princedd.

I took this picture from a park near Anne's parents' house in SLC. Was hoping for some more clouds but love the color.

Wilson Arch

Wilson Arch, originally uploaded by princedd.

Just returned from our trip to Utah. Wilson Arch is south of Moab. We took a quick break here from the van on the way to SLC.


Albino Alligator

Eye to Eye, originally uploaded by princedd.

Last of my Audubon Aquarium shots. No posting for a couple weeks.


Jellyfish in Space

Picks-8365, originally uploaded by princedd.

Here's another picture from the Aquarium. I took Andrew, Mattie, and Thomas while Aimee was at a Stake Activity Day in New Orleans.


Respect the Nose

Respect the Nose, originally uploaded by princedd.

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!


Spot the Gator

Madisonville Swamp at Sunset, originally uploaded by princedd.

Went back to the swamp last night and the gators were out. Saw about 7 or so. Thomas was thrilled -- until the ants and mosquitos found us.


Cloudy Morning at the Swamp

Cloudy Morning at the Swamp, originally uploaded by princedd.

Woke up early hoping to catch a nice sunrise photo but too many clouds. This swamp is about 10 min. from our house.


Charlotte - B&W

Newest Niece, originally uploaded by princedd.

Charlotte doing the "serious eyes" thing. Maybe a little Prince coming through??


Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte, originally uploaded by princedd.

My newest niece, Charlotte. Just found out that Dan & Melissa had their "little guy" today so I was just a couple days late in getting a shot of my newest nephew.


Aimee's Turn

Aimee-Portrait, originally uploaded by princedd.

Same lighting set up as the portrait of Mattie. Used my 50mm prime lens and it sure seems sharper than my 18-200mm zoom.



Mattie-Portrait, originally uploaded by princedd.

Really like how this one turned out. Used natural light from the window and a reflector that Mattie is holding to get rid of shadows. Got the black background from the back of Anne's window shades (which she is holding).


Owl Limit?

Picks-7579, originally uploaded by princedd.

Andrew and I went for a little drive on Sunday and saw this owl. I was worried I'd miss the shot and didn't compose it very well (I should have gotten the whole sign in the picture). We also saw a gator on this drive.


Ditch Fun

Picks-7587, originally uploaded by princedd.

Had a good Louisiana downpour this afternoon. Thomas and the kids enjoyed playing in the ditch water after dinner.


Frog Tales

Frog Tales, originally uploaded by princedd.

It was THIS big!!



Gotcha!, originally uploaded by princedd.

Thomas is still infatuated with frogs. Went to the pool today and some guy asked if I was the father of the boy that's crazy about frogs. He is quite skilled at knowing where to find these things.



Happy Mother's Day!

Picks-4, originally uploaded by princedd.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there who spend so much time feeding and taking care of their little (and not so little ones).


Gatorade Break

Gatorade Break, originally uploaded by princedd.

Taking a gatorade break with Thomas after working in the yard.

Red Rose

Red Rose, originally uploaded by princedd.

Spent the day working on our flower beds in the rain.

Dr. Prince

Dr. Prince, originally uploaded by princedd.

Aimee having fun playing doctor. Maybe Carolee's influence??


Strawberry Shortcake!

Picks-7095, originally uploaded by princedd.

Anne made strawberry shortcake for my birthday this year!



Missy, originally uploaded by princedd.


Water Lilly

Water Lilly, originally uploaded by princedd.

The water lillies are blooming in the pond in our subdivision. There is so much color here in the springtime. It's making up for an unremarkable fall.


Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co.

Louisiana Cypress Lumber Co., originally uploaded by princedd.

Old steam engine on display in Pontchatoula, Louisiana,
a little town about 25 min. from us. This weekend was their annual Strawberry Festival.


Play Ball!

Play Ball!, originally uploaded by princedd.

Bethany is so excited that baseball is back. She's been watching the Red Sox v. Yankees game tonight and practicing her violin at the same time.


Happy Easter!

Enjoyed listening to General Conference this weekend. Was able to get a picture of the kids between sessions. Gotta love Thomas' expression.


Owl Eye or Butterfly?

Owl Eye or Butterfly?, originally uploaded by princedd.

Hi Sophie. I'm glad you're learning about butterflies. This is another butterfly picture that I took. If you look at the big spot on the wing it sort of looks like the eye of an owl. This is a pretty creative way to keep predators away don't you think?


Butterfly on Frosted Window

Butterfly on Frosted Window, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

This is a live butterfly that landed on a frosted/opaque window in the butterfly exhibit at the Insectarium. I used my flash so I was able to get light from both sides, illuminating the wings.


Miss Mattie

Mattie, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Colored Easter eggs this evening. Mattie especially had a good time.


Gpa Prince - June 08

Gpa Prince - June 08, originally uploaded by EDP2009.

Grandpa was bigger than life itself and always seemed to have it by the tail. I remember spending time at the house in Katy. How his face would light up when we'd come through the front door and how much he enjoyed producing from his pockets a stash of tic tacs. I loved listening to him talk -- the subject didn't really matter. He was an expert on everything, of course. Perhaps he was occasionally wrong, but he was never in doubt. I was even endeared to his signature throat clearing that announced he was going to say something important so you'd better buckle up. Everything he did was done in a big way: Castone, greenhouse, rabbits, church service. He was a proud man, but in a way that inspired and motivated those that looked up to him to believe we could do anything we put our minds to because we were a Prince. I felt like I was important and special largely because of his influence. He touched many people other than those who knew him best. During my years as a high counselor in the stake, there wasn't a ward I visited where someone didn't come up to me and ask if I was related to Grandpa. It always made me proud to tell them that I was his grandson.